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Services or Offerings?
Request toner and paper for printers in the campus pay to print system.

Request assistance from the Marketing and Communications Office with design, signature logos, writing, editing, and printing/production.

Need professional quality posters, flyers, brochures, etc.? Creative Services in Bulger Communication Center provides a wide range of services for the faculty, staff, and students at Buffalo State.

Are you a student looking for a rewarding IT job on campus? Apply for a job with Information Technology.

Request assistance from the Marketing and Communications Office for a campus advertising/marketing campaign.

Production, upload, display, and/or scheduling of digital media on electronic signage displays across campus.

IT will review a request for Techfee funding and will help to facilitate the acquisition process.

Request phone based audio conferencing service hosted by Intercall.

Request installation of a bridge connection on a standard (non-VoIP) phone line.

Request conversion of a phone line from analog to digital or from digital to analog.

Request installation of new phone line (standard or VoIP).

Request move of an existing phone line from one location to another (standard or VoIP).

IT will review technology assets already in place on campus and will log them into technology asset database.

Have a question about technology on campus? This is a good place to start.

Captioning requested through this service is submitted by IT staff to for captioning with 24 hour turnaround time for files 60 minutes or less and 99% accuracy.