SMART Boards (SMART Notebook version 17.1)

The majority of interactive whiteboards at Buffalo State are SMART Boards. Training is scheduled by appointment only.

Please use these links to learn about the software and hardware:
Getting started with SMART Notebook is a public online training program designed by SMART Technologies to familiarize users with the software platform.

SMART Technologies is the manufacturer’s website, which includes information about various products as well as training opportunities and customer support.  

SMART Exchange “is a one-stop destination designed to provide teachers with access to all of SMART's learning resources and the opportunity to connect with colleagues in a professional community. Custom-designed searches save time by delivering relevant results and a full visual preview of all SMART Notebook files, so teachers can easily evaluate a lesson before downloading it.” Sign up for a free account. 

For training, please Open a Ticket at our Request a Training from IDDL page and choose "Interactive Whiteboards" from the Training Selection drop-down menu.

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