Visix Digital Signage Locations

Location Owner
Alumni Center Lobby Admissions
Buckham 1fl B-wing Hall Communications Department
Bulger 2fl Lobby / Campus Cable Channel 8.1 General/ Campus
Bulger Basement Lobby* IT - TSS
Butler Library Lower Lobby (By Infodesk)* Butler Library
Student Union 2fl Lobby* Student Affairs
Houston Gym Entrance (Wayfinding) General/ Facilities
Houston Gym 2fl Lobby* Athletics
Moot 1fl Admissions Lobby (Portrait) Admissions
Moot 1fl Admissions Lobby Admissions
Moot 2fl Lobby* Financial Aid
Moot 2fl Lobby* Registrar
Rockwell 2fl PAC Display Case Music/ PAC
Rockwell 2fl Box Office Music/ PAC
SAMC Phase 1 1fl Lobby (Wayfinding) General/ Facilities
Tech Building 1fl Lobby (Wayfinding) General/ Facilities
Savage 2fl Hallway TFA
Upton 2fl Lobby Art & Design

Wayfinding displays run interactive wayfinding content exclusively.

*Denotes a display that runs Campus Messages playlist in addition to departmental content.

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Display, and/or scheduling of digital media on electronic signage displays across campus.