Remove and Replace Embedded Ensemble Videos with YuJa Videos in Brightspace Courses


Below are a list of steps within D2L Brightspace to identify, remove, and replace the embedded Ensemble

videos in Brightspace courses once the embed codes from Ensemble are phased out. For any questions, or virtual

walk-throughs on this process, please contact with your name, campus, and

email address.


Section 1 - Editing HTML Source in Brightspace

1) Find the Brightspace page containing the embedded Ensemble item.

2) Select the Edit chevron next to inserted Ensemble and then click on Edit HTML.

D2L Ensemble Link Edit HTML screenshot

3) Once the page opens up, click on the HTML icon within the Brightspace text editor OR simply select the video thumbnail within the content area.

D2L text editor HTML icon screenshot

4) Find the ensemble embed code and delete it OR simply delete the video thumbnail if you selected it in the previous step.

Ensemble embed code screenshot

5) Select Save at the bottom of the window.

Section 2 - Embedding Using the YuJa Media Chooser

1) On the Brightspace content editor click the Insert Stuff icon.

D2L Insert Stuff button screenshot

2) From the list of 3rd party tools, select YuJa Media Chooser.

YuJa Media Chooser screenshot

3) Within the Media Chooser window, find the appropriate video by title.

YuJa Media Chooser Media tab screenshot

4) Single-click on the video thumbnail, and then select Insert Content.

YuJa Video and Insert Content button screenshot

5) This will embed the new YuJa video on to the Brightspace page.

D2L embedded video screenshot

For more information, visit YuJa's Lecture Capture & Video Management Support page or watch some of their informative videos on the YuJa YouTube channel.

For training, please check the Workshop Registration System for available group sessions or book an individual appointment and select “YuJa Video Question” or "YuJa Video Training" from the available options.

Students, faculty, and staff can also call YuJa Support Toll-Free (US/CAN) at +1 (888) 257-2278 or email

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