Using the YuJa Video Platform for Student Video Submissions

Though there are several different ways for students to submit videos for assignment, introductions, etc., using YuJa Video can give students and instructors more control over their content and save storage room. Students and faculty alike can create YuJa accounts by signing in with their Buffalo State credentials.

Submitting videos for the whole class to see

Courses and Groups in YuJa provide tools for course and group management. Content Creators (Instructors) can see group members, review invitations, and issue group invitations, as well as edit group details. Buffalo State uses LTI-integration with our Learning Management System (LMS) to propagate course and user information. 

YuJa Courses and Groups screenshot

  1. Select the Main ("waffle") Menu in the upper right corner when signed into YuJa
  2. Select "Courses & Groups" to see your existing courses, groups, and settings
  3. If your desired course is not in the list, please access YuJa through any content area of the LMS.
  4. Select your Course or Group from the list on the left, then select the "Edit" button in the center of the page.

The Edit button allows access to basic course or group information, including the Class Name, Course Code, Course Term/Section, the ability for instructors to lock video assignments, whether or not students have publishing rights in the course, and whether students can download videos via the Media Channel or Mobile Apps. For more information, you can review Editing a Course.

  • Under the "Student publishing to media channel" drop-down menu, select "Submit for approval" or "Allowed," depending on your preference.

YuJa Student publishing to media channel screenshot

Students will now be able to Publish their videos stored in YuJa to your course folder.

Submitting videos for the instructor only

Students may also share videos directly with their instructors for video assignments. Please see the "One-to-One Sharing" section of YuJa's Sharing Media page for more details.


For more information, see YuJa's Getting Started with Courses and Groups page, or book an appointment with Instructional Design & Distance Learning staff under the "YuJa Video Question" category.

Students, faculty, and staff can also call YuJa Support Toll-Free (US/CAN) at +1 (888) 257-2278 or email

If you experience any issues or have any concerns, please continue to use the Media Server (Ensemble Video/YuJa) ticket.

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