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Instructors are automatically granted access to their Blackboard course(s) if they are listed as the instructor of record in Banner. Due to scheduling changes, another instructor may also be listed and they will need to be made unavailable in the course.
Learn how to activate your network account (to access Blackboard and Degree Works)
Blackboard courses taught between summer 2013 and spring 2015, along with any courses that were restored from ANGEL were archived and removed from the system.
For existing Blackboard test availability settings, you can make exceptions for individual students or groups to modify settings to provide accommodations such as Number of Attempts, Timer, Availability Dates.
This explains how students can access feedback and grade information for a completed Blackboard test.
This procedure makes the Blackboard course available to the students.
Blackboard's Course Menu can be customized by the instructor. Items can be added, hidden, and re-ordered to meet the instructor's preferences and needs.
Learn how to look up your username or Banner ID
You can upload a profile picture that appears throughout Blackboard. Your personal image appears in the page header, people tool, blogs, journals, discussions, wikis, and roster. Your profile picture also appears in the notifications modules, such as What's New. The modules may appear on the My Institution tab or on a course's home page.
Your Blackboard MyEdu Profile is an online portfolio that can showcase your academic interests, qualifications, skills, competencies, and experiences that you have developed during your educational journey. Profiles are stored in the Blackboard cloud-not at your institution. You can keep your profile through your academic and professional life.You can share your profile with your peers and employers.
This procedure explains how to manually enroll users into a Blackboard course.
Web Conferencing solutions at Buffalo State College.
iMovie can be used to create a video where you can add slides, images, and recorded videos. Voice over can be added and the video can be edited.
Faculty also have the added option to upload to the Ensemble media server and use in their assignments, tests, and discussions in Blackboard.
Sending emails from within the Blackboard course can be accomplished by using the Send Email course tool or through the Full Grade Center.