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Learn how to access Blackboard, Buffalo State's learning management system, and who to contact for assistance.
In Blackboard, you can customize your view of the courses displayed in the My Courses module. Courses can be grouped by term, making it easier to located specific courses. You're able to control which courses appear in your course list, as well.
Smart Views can be used organize the Grade Center, including viewing students within specific course sections after merging multiple sections of a course.
The Assignment tool in Blackboard allows students to submit files to their instructor to be graded. When an instructor creates a Blackboard assignment, a column for the assignment is automatically created in the Grade Center.
An item is any type of file, text, image or link which is displayable to students.
A new content area can be created for Tests and Quizzes, your Syllabus, or as a place to store and organize any additional content. Content areas allow you to upload documents, embed videos, or create assignments and tests.
Blackboard Ally is a revolutionary product that focuses on making digital course content more accessible.
Blackboard's Course Menu can be customized by the instructor. Items can be added, hidden, and re-ordered to meet the instructor's preferences and needs.
This procedure makes the Blackboard course available to the students.
Web Conferencing solutions at Buffalo State College.
This procedure allows instructors to download a copy of their Blackboard course roster or gradebook.
This article describes the differences between Email and My Messages in Blackboard.
Mac users attempting to access the Blackboard Grade Center may find that the horizontal scrollbar in the grade center is not visible. The steps in this article will describe how to make the horizontal scrollbar visible.
Instructors can view a test attempt's Access Log for a list of various student interactions with the test. The log can help to confirm whether a student began a test or ran into problems during a test.