Server and Storage Provisioning (Physical and Virtual)

Service Category Infrastructure
Service Name Server Devices
Service Offering Title Server and Storage Provisioning (Physical and Virtual)
Service Offering Description Determine resources and configure the memory, CPU and storage allocation from the specifications given from the requestor.
Configuration and installation of security software on the server (antivirus, firewall, and security updates). The installation of any other software and license needed to be implemented agreed by both parties.
Standard Service Features Requestor provides all the necessary documentation on both hardware and application software specifications.
Systems Administration:
• Determines the personnel resources for the approved project.
• Reviews the submission of the on-line server request form.
• Configures the server and storage according to the specifications.
• Configures the standard security software (windows updates, firewall exceptions, antivirus exceptions)
Optional Service Features Implements and configures approved additional hardware, software, and other technologies needed for implementation that was agreed by parties involved.
Service Pricing (if applicable) N/A
Service Billing (if applicable) N/A
Service Owner/Team SysAdmin
Service Roles/Responsibilities Requestor – Provides documentation on application and server specifications and necessary storage allocation by completing the on-line server request form.
Systems Administration
• Communicate with the requestor.
• Implements the requested hardware resources, staff availability, and timeline for completion.
• Configures any additional software needed for implementation. Install software licensing where applicable.
• Provide technical assistance to software implementation upon request
Service Hours of Availability M-F 8:30am-4:30pm
Service Special Considerations N/A
How to Request Service and/or Support Contact the RITE Support Desk at or (716)878-4357
Service Audience  Staff;Faculty
Service Level Agreement  
Request Turnaround Time Acknowledgement of request within 1 business day
Communicates with requestor as needed
Turnaround time for completion depends upon the nature and complexity of the request or agreed upon timeline.
Service Support Options N/A
Incident Resolution Time N/A
Service Availability Normal campus business hours
Maintenance Windows N/A
Maintenance and Outage Notifications Server and Storage maintenance is scheduled during a predetermined maintenance window. Please refer to for futher information.
Service Security Requirements and Considerations Systems Administration will inform the requestor of the security policies which include but not limited to; antivirus, firewall exceptions, SSL certs and windows updates policies
Performance Metrics Review and Reporting  
Relevant Institutional Policies Various campus information security policies




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