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Using the Dropbox tool, you can set up an Audio or Video Dropbox so that students, friends, colleagues or other constituents can submit media to you without having to log into Ensemble Video. See for more details.
Learn how to activate your network account. This article applies to students only (not faculty/staff).
See a quick summary of the computer accounts that Buffalo State students receive
Web Conferencing solutions at Buffalo State College.
Learn how to login to Blackboard to access your courses. This article applies to students only (not faculty and staff).
Instructors can control the order in which columns appear in the Blackboard Grade Center. For example, you might choose to order columns chronologically or group all of the assignment columns together.
Smart Views can be used organize the Grade Center, including viewing students within specific course sections after merging multiple sections of a course.
Certain organizations in Blackboard allow faculty, staff, and students to self-enroll.
An introduction on how to utilize PowerPoint to create a screen capture video and upload it into Ensemble media server for use in Blackboard.