Install the Microsoft Office apps on your Chromebook (students)

Chromebook users will find that the standard instructions for installing Office 365 ProPlus on Windows/Mac will not work for them. Thankfully, the individual apps provided by Microsoft on the Google Play Store for Chromebooks can be authorized using their student Network username followed by These are versions of the Office apps tailored for mobile, but still have the core functionality of each.

How to Download/Activate Office Apps on Chromebook

  1. Open the Google Play Store on your Chromebook, and type any of the following into the Searchbar​​​​​: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or OneNote.
This image shows the Play Store icon in the taskbar


This image shows the Search Bar within Google Play


  1. Only choose the apps published by Microsoft Corporation (which will have both high "star" ratings and download counts), and then click Install. After downloading, you'll be able to click Open the app.
This image shows the MS Word app as it appears on the store
  1. Opening the app for the first time, you'll be shown the Microsoft Sign in screen, where you will enter your Buffalo State Network username followed by and click Next.
This image shows the startup screen in Microsoft Word
Don't include "mail" when you sign-in
  1. You will be redirected to the Buffalo State sign-in page. Enter your Network password and click Sign In. If you are prompted to Stay signed in? click No.
  1. Your installation of the app should now be set up. You'll need to complete these steps for each app you'd like to use with your Chromebook.


How to View All Available Apps

  1. After you've installed and logged into any of the Office apps on your Chromebook, you can view a full list of available apps (with download links) using the Accounts page. On the Welcome screen, you can click the account in the top-right to view your login details.
The top-right of the welcome screen shows the current account


  1. The Accounts page we just opened will show the currently logged in account at the top, and has a button to show all Office Apps available at the bottom. Click this to view that list.
The Accounts view shows the current login, and has a link at the bottom that shows all available Office apps


  1. The Subscription list within the Accounts page will show you all available Office apps, and has Install buttons on the right-hand side. These will bring you to the Google Play Store page for each program.
The Subscription list within the Accounts page shows all available apps usable by your account.
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