Equipment Loan Referrals

Loans Available from Classroom Equipment Loan

Loan duration varies based on equipment availability.

878-4535 / irloan@buffalostate.edu

Item Description How to borrow
Audio System, Large PA system for 80-150 people Call/email/website
Audio System, Medium Box-sixed speakers for 30-80 people Call/email/website
Audio System, Small Bookshelf-sized speakers for 10-30 people Call/email/website
Banner Stands Hold 24" wide banners from Graphics Call/email/website
Conference Phones Speaker phones for "regular" phone lines Call/email/website
Microphone Stands Hold handheld microphones Call/email/website
Smart Cart (Recurring) PC cart for Banner-listed class meetings Call/email
Speaker Lectern Lectern with built-in mic and speaker Call/email/website
Cables, etc. Audio/Power/Video cables/adaptors Special Request
Audio Recorder For interviews, meetings Special Request
Flat Panel TV cart For small meetings, presentations Special Request

Loans Handled By Butler Library

Maximum loan period is seven (7) days. More details on policies here:

878-6237 / /

Item Description Where to get it
Android Tablet Tablet running Android Butler Library
Chromebook ChromeOS Laptop Butler Library
edTPA Kit For Education majors Butler Library
iPad Tablet running iOS Butler Library
Laptop, Apple Laptop running MacOS Butler Library
Laptop, Assistive Tech Accessibility laptop Butler Library
Laptop, Windows Laptop running Windows Butler Library
Projection Screen Portable projection screen (tripod base) Butler Library
Projector Projector (FOR LAPTOPS/TABLETS) Butler Library
Swivl Video tripod tracking system Butler Library
USB Microphone For web conferences or recording Butler Library
Video Recording Kit iPad with tripod Butler Library

Items Available From Events Management

878-6114 / eventmgt@buffalostate.edu

Easel For setting posters or paper on Events Management
Lectern, Basic Lectern without speaker, usually lighter Events Management

Items Available Elsewhere*

SVS / BAV Services / Squeaky Wheel

Audio Production Gear Mixers/amps/instruments/staging Rent from production company
Audio System, Large For 100+ people events Rent from production company
Camera, DSLR For photography or video production Rent from production company
Lighting Equipment For photography or video production Rent from production company
Projector, Large Format For 100+ people events Rent from production company
Video Camera, Basic Basic video recording Recommend Video Rec Kit
Video Camera, Pro Professional/prosumer video cameras Rent from production company
Video Tripod For holding video cameras or DSLRs Rent from production company

*Students who are enrolled in Communications Department classes may have access to equipment via that department.