Accessibility: Creating PowerPoint Presentations

Microsoft has built-in features that allow you to create accessible documents, check out the guidelines below for each product.

All Word or PowerPoint files should be created using these accessibility guidelines
*Please note that this is not a comprehensive list and is subject to change.

Microsoft PowerPoint

  1. Ensure that slides are readable
    • Font Type
    • Font Size
    • Contrast of Color
  2. Avoid too much text on slide
  3. Provide Alt Text tags for all images and tables. Ensure images are related to content and help communicate information Text Directions  |  Video Directions
  4. Avoid transitions and animations
  5. User Predefined slide layout whenever possible Text Directions
  6. Ensure that all slides have unique titles Text Directions
  7. Ensure that the reading order of each slide is logical Text Directions
  8. Use "Notes" for text that you may speak during lecture
  9. Audio within PowerPoint Text Direction

Additional Resources:

Accessibility Checker for PowerPoint 2010- Video
Microsoft Office Accessible Powerpoint

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