Marantz Audio Recorder Instructions

To record:

  1. Plug in power adaptor and connect to recorder
  2. Power on recorder using switch on side of unit
  3. For best pickup, position recorder in the middle of area where phone/ people are speaking
  4. Press the “record” button to begin recording
  5. At end of session, press “stop” button to stop recording

To pull files from the recorder:

  1. Plug in power adaptor and connect to recorder
  2. Connect one end of USB cable to recorder and plug other end into computer you wish to load files onto
  3. Hold down the small circular button labeled “USB” on the face of the unit, while turning power on. (If you have already turned the unit on, turn it off and restart this step.)
  4. The unit will power on, with its display reading “USB.” The unit is now in USB disk mode.
  5. The recording unit will now show up as a USB disk device on your computer. Open a File Explorer window (or My Computer) and navigate to the disk. It will show up under “Devices and Drives.”
  6. The disk will have a folder called “MPGLANG1.” Open this folder. Your MP3 files will be inside. Now you can copy these files to your computer.
  7. When finished, power off the recorder unit before unplugging!


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