SMART Board Quick Tips

Teaching in a classroom with a SMART Board for the first time or the first time in a while? Here are some quick tips to help you get the most out of the board:

Enabling the Pens:

To enable the pens in the pen tray, you must first double-click on the "Smartboard" icon on the desktop of the PC in your room. Smartboard icon on PC desktop


To calibrate most SMART Boards on campus, press the Onscreen Keyboard and Right Click button on the pen tray simultaneously and follow the directions on the board:

Person pressing Onscreen Keyboard and Right Click buttons in the center of the pen tray simultaneously to access the calibration screen.

On a SMART Podium Interactive monitor, the calibration button is located at the top of the screen:

Indicates calibration button at the top of a SMART Podium interactive monitor, directly to the right of the help button.

On newer SMART boards, there may be a separate calibration button located on the pen tray:

Indicates calibration button on newer SMART boards, located to the left of the help button on the pen tray.

Other tips:

To erase a large area, use the eraser to make a circle, then tap once in the middle of the circle:

"Ending point has to touch your starting point. It doesn't have to be a perfect circle - but it does have to touch at the end."

To move the SMART Notebook toolbar to the top or bottom, use the "double arrow" button on the far right:

SMART Notebook toolbar with "double arrow" button on the bottom right.

The SMART Ink tool that appears when you pick up a pen may be used to select a pen and its properties, use SMART Ink favorites, or gain quick access to frequently used tools like the spotlight, magnifier, screen shade, and screen capture:

Indicates the SMART Ink icon, which can be touched to access pen properties, SMART Ink favorites, and other tools. The icon can also be dragged or flicked to move, dragged to the edge of the dock, or dragged past the edge of the screen to close.

For more information, see SMART's public training videos.

If you would like to receive in-person training, please contact Classroom Support.


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