Enroll a Google Chromebook on the secure wireless network

Follow the steps below to enroll a Google Chromebook on the secure wireless network.  

Please Note: These instructions are based on Google Chrome OS version 59.0.3071.134 (Official Build). The steps in this guide may be slightly different if you are running a different version of Chrome OS.

Step 1: Enroll Chromebook

The first step is to enroll your Chromebook on the secure network (Bengal):

1. Temporarily connect and sign-in to the BengalOpen16​ wireless network.
2. Open Chrome and navigate to: https://securewifi.buffalostate.edu
3. Click the Enroll Your Device button.
4. When the Welcome to Buffalo State Secure WiFi screen appears, click Continue.
5. Click the Normal Login button.
6. Enter your Buffalo State username and password, click Continue.
7. On the next screen, click Step 1: Download the Network File.

Download Network File
8. Select a location and click Save.

Save File
9. Copy and paste the address chrome://net-internals/#chromeos into a new browser tab.

Copy URL
10. Click Choose File, select the Bengal.onc file, and click Open.

Choose File

If no errors are reported, your device is now configured for the secure wireless network. 

Step 2: Connect to Bengal and forget OpenBengal16 network

Once enrolled, the next step is to connect to the Bengal network and forget the OpenBengal16 network:

1. Click the wireless networks icon (next to the clock).
2. Click on the BengalOpen16​ and click Forget.
3. Click the wireless networks icon again. This time, select the Bengal network. 

4. When the Join Wi-Fi network screen appears, click Connect. Note: leave the Password and Anonymous identity boxes blank.

Join Network

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