Renew the secure wireless certificate on an Android phone

If the secure wireless certificate on your Android phone has expired, follow the steps below to renew the certificate.  These steps must be performed from the device that you are renewing!

Please Note These instructions are based on Android 9.0. The steps in this guide may be slightly different depending on the model of phone you have, and the OS version you are running.

Step 1: Remove old secure wireless profile

  1. Open list of wireless networks (usually found in Settings > Wi-Fi).
  2. Long-press on Bengal and select Forget Network.

Forget Bengal network

Step 2: Renew your device

1. Open Chrome and visit:

2. Tap the Enroll Your Device button.

3. When the Welcome to Buffalo State Secure WiFi screen appears, tap Continue.

4. Tap Normal Login.

5. Enter your Buffalo State username and password, tap Continue.

6. On the next screen, tap Install The Network.

Click Install The Netowrk

7. If the screen below appears, tap Generate new credentials.

Your certificate is now renewed and your device should be connected to the Bengal wireless network.