Enroll an Android phone on the secure wireless network

Please Note: The steps in this guide may be slightly different depending on the model of phone you have and the version of the Android OS you are running.

Follow the steps below to enroll an Android phone on the secure wireless network. 

  1. Open your list of wireless networks by swiping down from the top of the screen and long-pressing on the Wi-Fi icon.

Long-press on WiFi icon

  1. Temporarily connect to the BengalOpen16‚Äč network and sign-in with your Buffalo State credentials when prompted.

Ruckus sign-in

  1. You'll be automatically redirected to the Secure WiFi enrollment page
  2. Tap Enroll Your Device.
  3. Tap Continue when the Welcome to Buffalo State Secure WiFi screen appears.
  4. Enter your Buffalo State username and password, tap Continue.
  5. Tap Normal Login.

Tap normal login

  1. On the next screen, tap Step 1: Install The App.

Step 1 Install the app

  1. On the next screen, tap Google Play.

Tap Google Play

  1. When the Play store opens tap Install to install the Ruckus Cloudpath app.

Install Ruckus Cloudpath app

  1. When the install completes, don't tap Open! Instead, return to the webpage above (step 6) and tap Step 2: Next, Configure Your Device.

Step 2 Next, configure the device

  1. Proceed through the remaining prompts to complete the enrollment process.

The Buffalo State homepage will open when the configuration is complete. Your device should now be connected to the Bengal wireless network.

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