Taking a Quiz in Brightspace

A guide to taking quizzes in Brightspace is also available in the Brightspace course "Student Training Module" under the module called "Submitting Your Course Work." For more information, please visit that page or call the SUNY Brightspace Helpline at 1-844-673-6786

This article uses screen shots from the Student Training Module.

How to take a Quiz in Brightspace on Laptops and Desktops

  1. Log into Brightspace.
  2. Select the course that has a quiz.
  3. Navigate to the "Course Activities" link in the orange bar towards the top of the screen.
  4. In the drop down menu of the Course Activities link, select "Quizzes." 

    Quiz circled on a Brightspace course
  5. A "Quiz List" page appears. Select the quiz you will be taking from the links below. 
  6. Remember to thoroughly read all of the instructions and press "Start Quiz." 

    Start Quiz circled on the quiz introduction page
  7. Some quizzes have time limits and others do not, so be sure to check before starting. 
  8. Submit the quiz when you're done.


Having trouble accessing the quiz?

There are a few reasons this may occur:

  • The quiz is not yet available.
  • The quiz has already ended.
  • The maximum number of attempts has been reached.


If the Internet connection is lost while taking the quiz, the page froze, or the page was closed, the timer for the quiz continues to run. Questions are saved if you are kicked out for whatever reason, or if you need to refresh your page if it freezes. Contact your professor if these issues interfere with your ability to take the quiz, document what happened with screen shots, and explain what has occurred. 
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