Install the Cloudflare WARP client for Windows

Note: Before installing and setting up the WARP Client, ensure that your device is running Windows 8 or higher. It is not compatible with older operating systems such as Windows 7.

In addition to this, only install Cloudflare WARP on the device(s) you'll be using off-campus. It should not be installed on any campus-side computers.

To comply with mandated requirements in our cyber insurance policy, the campus is implementing Cloudflare WARP to enhance security. Cloudflare WARP is a "Zero Trust" client application that provides secure access to an organization’s applications, data and services. It provides end-to-end protection, similar to a VPN, and is backed by our existing Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) system. Follow these steps to install and configure the Cloudflare WARP ("Zero Trust") app for Windows. 

  1. Download Cloudflare WARP for Windows from:

select Windows

  1. Go to your Downloads folder and launch the Cloudflare executable to being the installation.
  1. Once installed, you'll find a gray cloud icon in the system tray next to the date/time. Click this icon.

click the gray cloud

  1. Click Next at the What is WARP? prompt.

click next

  1. Click Accept at the Our Commitment To Privacy prompt.

click accept

  1. Click the settings button (gear icon) and select Preferences from the pop-up menu.

click preferences

  1. Click the Account tab and then click Login with Cloudflare Zero Trust.

click account and login with cloudflare

  1. Enter "buffalostate" in the Enter your team name box.

enter buffalostate

  1. Complete the multi-factor verification when prompted.

complete mfa

  1. When the Zero Trust pop-up appears, click on the button to toggle it on. When "on" the Zero Trust button will turn blue and say "Connected"; when "off" it will turn gray and say "Disconnected".  
Zero Trust is Disconnected ("Off") Zero Trust is Connected ("On")

zero trust disconnected

zero trust on / connected

  1. You'll be able to tell that Zero Trust is on because the gray cloud icon in the system tray now appears orange and it will say "Connected".

orange cloud icon

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