Checking Training Completion Status in BizLibrary

How to Check Employee Training Completion Status in BizLibrary (for Dept/Unit Directors, Chairs, or Senior Administrators)

By following the directions below, you can see which employees have and have not completed sexual harassment training. Directors, chairs, and senior administrators will be able to check this information for their entire unit. Assistant directors or managers that report to a department head will not be able to check this information.

We ask that you please check what employees in your unit need to complete sexual harassment prevention training and ensure the training is completed by Friday, October 8th.

Please be aware that there may be discrepancies in your employee list, as this is a new process and changes to employee/management assignments are not immediately reflected in the employee database. Please email if you appear to have missing employees or if employees who have moved to a different department are still on your list.

  1. Log-into BizLibrary and click the “Home” dropdown at the top-left of your page and select “ADMINISTRATION”
    In the top-left of the BizLibrary interface, click on the Home pulldown to select Administration

  2. The “ADMINISTRATION” page will be blank. On the left side of the page, select the “pie graph" icon to open the "Reports" section
    The Graph icon on the left-hand of the BizLibrary interface will bring up the necessary options

  3. Select “Learning Initiatives” from the left-hand navigation bar under "Reports"
    Learning Initiatives will only appear after selecting the Graph icon on the left of the BizLibrary Interface

  4. Select the “Detail” tab on the navigation section near the top of the screen
    The detail tab can be selected after clicking on Learning Initiatives in the BizLibrary interface

  5. Scroll down and you will see all employees in your department or unit
    The yellow half-moon icon indicates that a Learning Initiative hasn't been completed by a user, while a green checkmark indicates it as been completed

If their status is a yellow “half-full circle”, they have not completed the training. If their status is a green “check-mark in a circle”, then they have completed the training. Clicking “View Details” for employees who have not completed the training will allow you to see which of the four training sections have been completed (if any).
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