Recording Microsoft Teams online meetings

A useful feature in Microsoft Teams is the ability to record online meetings. The recording process can be started/stopped by the meeting organizer and any attendees from within their organization. The video files appear in organization attendees' OneDrive storage shortly after the meeting concludes. Guests and external attendees can have that same recording shared with them via OneDrive/SharePoint link.

These recordings save all audio, video, and screen sharing activity as one video file, though whiteboards and shared notes are not included. A separate KB article on How to Create a Microsoft Teams Meeting is also available.

Since recording is handled in the cloud, even if the person who started the recording process leaves a meeting, the recording will continue until the meeting ends, or someone manually choose to stop the recording. Videos will reside in the organizer's OneDrive, or a group's SharePoint storage (if it was a channel meeting).

Only one recording is ever active at a given time, and all recordings from a meeting are made available to all Buffalo State participants.

How to start recording, and retrieving your video

  1. Start or join the Teams meeting in either your web browser or the desktop app.

  2. Go to the meeting control bar (top of the screen in the desktop app, or near the bottom in the browser version), and select the three-dot ellipses to show the More actions menu, then choose Start recording.

    A notice is sent to all attendees when recording begins, and a recording icon appears at the top-left of the meeting window.The Stop recording option will appear in the More actions menu whenever recording is active.

  3. When recording is manually stopped or after the meeting ends, attendees can find the link to the recording in their meeting chat history. They'll also receive an email notifying them that the recording is ready, and the file will also appear directly in their campus OneDrive storage.

Choosing the record option in the web-browser interface

More details worth noting

  • Attendees from outside of the Buffalo State College organization (as well as anonymous guests in public meetings) will not be able to start or stop recording, but will see all notifications related to changes in recording status.
  • Teams creates a "Recordings" folder in the organizer's OneDrive to store meeting videos, which is also linked via a notification under Teams' Chats section in the desktop app. More information on recording playback, link sharing, and changing ownership permissions is available here.
In OneDrive, the "Recordings" folder will contain meeting videos
Recordings can be found in the Chat section of the Teams app
  • Meeting recordings can be manually deleted by the person who initiated the recording, and any others that person named as owners of the file. More info on deleting a Teams recording is available here.
You can find further directions for the recording feature in Teams at the this dedicated Microsoft Support page
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