Beware of “Meeting Notification” phishing email

Several people on campus have received a phishing e-mail similar to the one below. The message contains the subject “Meeting Notification” and prompts the recipient to click on what appears to be a Buffalo State link. This is a phishing email designed to steal your account information!

If you received this message, or one similar to this, you are advised to delete the message immediately. Never click on hyperlinks or open attachments contained within the message, and never reply to these types of messages! 
If you received this message, or one like it, and mistakenly clicked on the link, it is imperative that you change your password immediately!  Clicking on the link may have no noticeable effect, but may result in your e-mail account or computer being compromised. 

To change your password, visit the Buffalo State homepage > click MyBuffState > click For Faculty and Staff > and click the Change Password link under Support

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Support Desk during our regular business hours.