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Your Appointment Preferences allow you to define office hours blocks, specify office locations, and allow others to manage your calendar.
See a quick summary of the computer accounts that Buffalo State students receive
Adding SpeedNotes allows you to quickly record the content or results of your meeting with a student.
Before or after interacting with a student in office hours, advising hours, or a meeting, instructors and advisers are able to record appointment outcomes.
In the Bengal Success Portal, you are able to see students that you have a connection with. These connections are coming from information entered in Banner. From the My Students Tab, you are able to find information about your students, raise a tracking item (flag, kudos, referral), and communicate with a student or group of students.
Learn how to reset your Buffalo State network password using the Self-Service Password Reset tool
Learn how to setup your password recovery options using the Self-Service Password Reset tool
How to schedule an appointment with your instructors and advisers in the Bengal Success Portal.
Instructors are able to record attendance for each class meeting in the Bengal Success Portal.
Faculty and advisers are able to refer students to support services by sending a Referral.
Instructors and advisers can send mass messages to students in the Bengal Success Portal.
Flags and Kudos can also be raised by submitting a progress survey.  Progress Surveys will be sent at specific times during each term. You will receive an email reminder when there is a new survey for you to complete.  Instructors will receive a separate survey for each course, reflecting the course‚Äôs roster.
The Bengal Success Portal is a tool that provides you with a central location to connect you with the people and services that can help you succeed at Buffalo State. This guide helps students get started with the Bengal Success Portal.
The Bengal Success Portal is able to read busy times from your Buffalo State Exchange Calendar. In order to this to take effect, you will need to enable this setting in the Bengal Success Portal and must share your Exchange calendar.