Requesting campus space through 25Live

You can request space booked through the Events Management Office (general purpose classrooms, conference rooms, computer labs, outdoor and lobby space), as well as the Jacqueline Vito LoRusso Alumni and Visitor Center, and Campbell Student Union via 25Live. Faculty, Staff and designated Student Leaders have the ability to request space on campus. Off campus constituents can visit the Events Management website for information about renting space on campus.

Please Note: To request space elsewhere on campus, please click the appropriate venue below to visit their website: Athletics Facility, Performing Arts Center, Burchfield Penney Art Center, Theater Department.


  1. Access the request form. General purpose classrooms, conference rooms, computer labs, outdoor and lobby spaces and the Jacqueline Vito LoRusso Alumni and Visitor Center Request Form. Campbell Student Union Request Form.
  2. You may receive a message about allowing pop-up windows. Click OK.

Step 2 click OK if you receive an alert

  1. Log in using your Buffalo State credentials. Multi factor authentication will be required.
  2. Event Title is a required field and limited to 40 characters. This name is used internally for reference/reporting.
  3. Full Event Title is an optional field and does not have a character limit. Use this field if you cannot fit the entire name of your event in the Event Title field and you wish to advertise your event. Otherwise, you can leave this field blank.
  4. Event Type is a required field. Click the drop down arrow to see your two options: 
  • Meeting is to be used for a private event, such as a committee meeting, invitation only gathering or any type of event that is NOT to be publicized.
  • Event is to be used for a public event, such as a performance, lecture, film screening, etc. that you want to publicize.

Step 6 select the event type

  1. Expected Attendance is a required field. This is a best guess of the number of attendees. What you enter in this field will limit the location options presented (you will not be shown space that has a capacity below your expected attendance).
  2. Date and Time is a required field. Click on the date to add the date of your event and use the drop down menus to enter the actual start and end time. You will have the option to add additional time before your event for set up and after your event for take down in the Event Details section of the form.

Step 8 select date and time

  1. Repeating Pattern (not available for Student Union requests) If your event occurs on more than one date in a set pattern (ie weekly, monthly, etc.) you can click on the Repeating Pattern button. Alternatively, you can click on the calendar to select additional dates on an ad hoc basis.

Step 9 select repeating pattern (if applicable)

  1. Manage Occurrences (not available for Student Union requests) If you need to change the timing on any additionally added dates you can click the Manage Occurrences button and adjust the time. You can also use this to remove date(s) from a repeating pattern. For example, if your event is every Thursday, but you want to remove Thanksgiving, you can use Manage Occurrences to remove that one date.

Step 10 update date and time for reoccurring events (if needed)

  1. Location of your event is a required field. In the Search Locations box type the four- letter abbreviation of the building (i.e. ROCK for Rockwell Hall). If you know the exact room that you are looking for you can also type that (i.e. ROCK 304). Click Search.

Available locations will have a Request button next to the room name. If a location is not available on your requested date(s)/time(s) or the room’s default capacity is below your anticipated attendance, the room will not display.

Click the request button next to the space you want. You can request multiple spaces on the same form.

Step 11 select location for event

  1. Event Description is an optional field. If your event is a public event that you would like to publicize, add an event description. Otherwise leave this field blank.
  2. Primary Presenting Organization, is a required field. Use the drop-down menu to search for the campus department that is presenting the event. If you cannot find the name of the campus department, please email to have them added.  
  3. Additional Presenting Organizations is an optional field. If there is more than one department presenting your event the additional departments can be added by clicking the EDIT button under Additional Presenting Organizations and searching for them. If only one department is sponsoring your event, you can bypass this field. 
  4. Event Detail Questions will present required questions related to your event. All questions must be answered.
  5. Additional Event Details is an optional field. Use this field to communicate any other relevant information about your event that you would like the venue manager to know.
  6. SAVE. Once you have completed the form click the Save button. This will route your request to the appropriate venue manager. You will receive email communication about your space request once it is reviewed. Most requests received during office hours are reviewed and replied to the same day. Depending on the space requested and the event needs it may take up to three business days for you to receive a reply.

If you need assistance with a request or need to edit a previously submitted request, please email for assistance. 

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