Add your personal User Code to Ricoh printer (macOS Ventura)

Some department Ricoh printers require you to enter a personal "User Code" in order to print. The instructions below explain how to save this code in printing preferences on your Mac, so you only need to enter the code once.

Please Note: The printer name and user code shown below is for instructional purposes only. You will have a unique printer name and user code. Also, this article was prepared using Microsoft Word for Mac (version 16.71) on a Mac running macOS Ventura 13.2. If you have a different version, these steps may be different.


  1. Open Microsoft Word and select a document you want to print.
  2. Go to File > Print (or click the printer icon at the top).
  3. Make sure a Ricoh printer is selected from the Printer drop-down.
  4. Make sure Last Used Settings is selected from the Presets drop-down.

select last used settings

  1. Scroll down to the Printer Options section and click on Job Log.

click job log

  1. Check the Enable User Code box and enter your personal (or department) code. Click OK.

click enable user code and enter your code

  1. Click Print and confirm that the selected document printed successfully. 

You should now be able to print to this printer from any application without having to manually enter your User Code each time. 

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