Qualtrics On-demand Video Training Access

Qualtrics.com has an excellent collection of short (2-3 minute) videos targeted to specific questions. This is in addition to their text documentation and telephone support.

Access to on-demand video training requires a separate login. Please follow the directions below.

1. Go to support.qualtrics.com. You'll be directed to this page:


Screen Shot of Qualtrics Support Page

2. Click on the type of training you desire (e.g., On-demand training, Training Webinars, etc.). You'll be directed to this page:

Screen shot of Qualtrics "Basecamp" page

When you scroll down the above page you will see selections for training subjects (see picture below)

3.  Click Begin on any of the sections below and keep clicking Begin on subsequent sections until arriving at desired video
4.  When you click on the name of the desired video  you will see a new login box.
5.  Click Sign in with SSO below this box.
6. Enter buffalostate for the Organization ID
7. Click Continue and you will be brought to the usual Buffalo State organizational login page


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