Information Technology welcomes the class of 2025!

Information Technology is excited to welcome the class of 2025 to Buffalo State! We hope to make your technology experience a smooth one as you embark on your college career. Please watch the Student Account Orientation: Setup & Overview video below to learn how to setup and access your accounts. Step-by-step instructions can also be found on our Welcome to Buffalo State! page.

Need help with something? If you are experiencing a problem accessing one of your accounts, open a Login Assistance ticket. Or, if you just have a question about something, open a General Technology Help ticket.

Microsoft Office Available to Buffalo State Students

Great news! Buffalo State students can download the full version of Microsoft Office for free on up to five personal devices

Microsoft Office for Students

New Print Resource Use Policy

In accordance with the new print policy implemented by SUNY, Buffalo State has established the Print Resource Use Policy. This policy outlines acceptable uses of print resources to advance campus objectives including cost reduction, elimination of waste, standardization of the printer fleet, optimization, and security.

Policy highlights:

► Have 100% of print devices secure and on a campus network by the end of 2021.

Network printers must be set for duplex printing (double-sided) and default to monochrome (vs. color).

Local desktop printers to be eliminated by the end of 2021.

Local desktop printers may no longer be purchased for individual or office use.

Local desktop printers already in existence will no longer be supported (i.e, repaired, moved, etc.).

You can read the entire Daily Announcement from the CIO and VP for Enrollment, Marketing, and Communications here.