Editing Captions on YuJa Videos


If faculty, staff, or students have used their YuJa Enterprise Video Platform accounts to store and auto-caption a video, they also have the possibility for Editing Captions in the Video Editor in YuJa for making corrections to existing auto-caption files.

For information on captioning a video in the first place, please see YuJa’s Requesting Auto-Captions page.

If you would like to learn more, please feel free to look at YuJa’s Lecture Capture and Video Management support page or view their short informational videos on their YouTube channel or refer to Buffalo State's YuJa training page.

For training, please check the Workshop Registration System for available group sessions or book an individual appointment and select “YuJa Video Question” or "YuJa Video Training" from the available options.

Students, faculty, and staff can also call YuJa Support Toll-Free (US/CAN) at +1 (888) 257-2278 or email support@yuja.com.

If you experience any issues or have any concerns, please continue to use the Media Server (Ensemble Video/YuJa) ticket.



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