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Gradescope has replaced Scantron; an aging system and process.  An IT project: software assessment, was completed in early 2022 that determined that Gradescope was the best solution to meet the campus needs and was announced by the Provost within the Daily "Test Scoring Shifting to New System" on March 3, 2022. The daily article also includes the Scantron Test Scoring Replacement Findings and Recommendation.

Grapescope also offers AI capability to grade digitalized handwritten submissions.  Gradescope supports paper-based assignments, combining online and paper-based approaches, and programming assignments and fully online assignments where no paper is required. You can find more information about the support Gradescope offers in the FAQ Guide for delivering remote assessments. 

Delivering Assessment with Gradescope 

Gradescope is integrated within D2l Brightspace and all Gradescope assignments should originate in Brightspace prior to using the bubble sheets within your class. 

Setting up a Gradescope Bubble Sheet Assignment in Brightspace

Bubble Sheet assignments work best if students can print a copy of the bubble sheet template, fill in the bubbles, and upload it as a PDF into Brightspace. If they don’t have access to a printer, see tips in the previous sections for marking up a PDF via tablet app, PDF editing software, etc.  Faculty can also print the bubble sheet template and bring it to class for the students complete. The faculty member will then scan the bubble sheets into 1 PDF and upload into Brightspace for grading. 

The Statistics page allows instructors to gain further insights into what their students have learned.

Assignment and Question Statistics

Help & Support

The Gradescope team is hosting weekly workshops on Thursdays at 9am Pacific / 12pm Eastern. A workshop is a great way to get a quick walk-through of the platform and learn how to get the most out of Gradescope.

The Gradescope team is available and happy to help with anything, so please email them at with any questions you may have.

Assistance with Scanning

Schedule a meeting for assistance from IT Help Desk 

Assistance with Creating a Gradescope Assignment

Schedule a meeting for assistance from Instructional Design & Distance Learning





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