How to Create Fillable PDFs using Adobe Acrobat DC (video)


A tutorial video and explanation of how to generate a fillable/electronic PDF form using Adobe Acrobat DC.


The below video provides a 30-minute overview of how to generate a fillable/electronic PDF forms, starting from a scan of an existing document. Adobe Acrobat DC (formerly "Pro") is available to all faculty and staff, and has a Tool called Prepare Form which lets you modify existing documents to add these features.

Acrobat DC is different from the Acrobat Reader app, as it includes the special file setup/creation tools needed for this process. You can also follow this link to a written version of these directions on the Adobe Support Page.



How do I install Acrobat DC?

Please Note: After signing into the apps with your campus credentials, if you don't seem to have access to the full version of Acrobat DC, you can submit a Software Request ticket. The IT Help Desk will follow-up to be sure your account is associated with the license.


How can users fill out these PDF forms?

PDFs are flexible in terms of how users can fill them out. Users can use normal web-browsers (like Chrome, Edge, Firefox, etc.), or the free Acrobat Reader app to enter their information, then save the filled-out copy of the form. This can be done on computers or mobile devices.

They can then send that file to the appropriate office via email or as a direct file upload on a department website. Forms can be set to allow simple text-entry for things like signatures, or they can be made more formal, requiring the user create a password-protected "digital signature" to be used for those prompts.



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