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KiSSFLOW Assistance

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Service Description

KiSSFLOW is an easy-to-use cloud-based workflow automation software that helps academic and administrative departments increase efficiency by automating manual business processes. If you're an existing KiSSFLOW user, you can open a ticket to request assistance from RITE Services. 

Standard Features

RITE Services provides assistance with the following:

  • Answer general questions related to using KiSSFLOW
  • Provide assistance with workflow
  • Help troubleshoot and resolve issues related to KiSSFLOW

Optional Features

There are no Optional Service Features associated with this service.

Roles and Responsibilities

User Responsibilities:

  • Provide details related to your question/problem. 

RITE Services Responsibilities:

  • Communicate status of the request to the user as needed.

How to Request     

Click the Open a Ticket button and complete the request form.

Service Audience 

Administrative and Academic Departments.

Please Note: Buffalo State’s current implementation of KiSSFLOW is restricted to the curriculum management functions of the college.

Service Level Agreement

There is no Service Level Agreement (SLA) associated with this service. 

Service Pricing

There are no costs associated with this service.

Institutional Policies

Policy on the Use of Electronic Resources