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Overview of some commonly requested services for new employees.
Learn how to open a ticket from the Service Catalog
Learn which technology items can be purchased through RITE and which should be purchased through your department.
List of software applications that are installed on every campus PC and Mac.
Instructors and advisers are able to schedule appointments with students using the Bengal Success Portal.
Instructors can determine which test results and feedback options are available to students after they complete a test. By default, only the score earned for each question is displayed after a submission. There's the option to allow additional information to be displayed about the answers and an option to select when the test results and feedback are released to students.
Instructors can export and import tests to copy it from one course to another.
Blackboard test settings that force students to complete a test once they have launched it and a method to set timer to limit the duration of the test.
This procedure gives an additional attempt in Blackboard in cases where a student has submitted the maximum number of attempts for an assignment or test in Blackboard.
Learn how to move your email items from a Outlook Data File / Personal Folder (.pst) back to your mailbox.
Before or after interacting with a student in office hours, advising hours, or a meeting, instructors and advisers are able to record appointment outcomes.
How to schedule an appointment with your instructors and advisers in the Bengal Success Portal.
The Bengal Success Portal is a tool that provides you with a central location to connect you with the people and services that can help you succeed at Buffalo State. This guide helps students get started with the Bengal Success Portal.
In the Bengal Success Portal, you are able to see students that you have a connection with. These connections are coming from information entered in Banner. From the My Students Tab, you are able to find information about your students, raise a tracking item (flag, kudos, referral), and communicate with a student or group of students.
How to change print scaling in Chrome (for enlarged printing of text)
How to use LibCal to reserve equipment
How to get a console key for a generally-scheduled classroom
Your list of students in the Bengal Success Portal can be filtered in a number of ways.
After initially setting your office hours, you can setup additional office hours or make changes.
When a student concern has been resolved, advisers and instructors should clear the Bengal Success Portal flag that was raised for the student.
Your Appointment Preferences allow you to define office hours blocks, specify office locations, and allow others to manage your calendar.
Adding SpeedNotes allows you to quickly record the content or results of your meeting with a student.