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PDF guide to learn how to use the Connect Client desktop software to forward your phone to another number.
Quick reference guide (PDF) for the Connect Client Desktop Software.
Adobe Captivate, Blackboard, publish settings and import instructions.
Learn how to install Microsoft Office on your personal devices
Learn how to activate your network account. This article applies to students only (not faculty/staff).
Learn how to reset your Buffalo State network password using the Self-Service Password Reset tool
Learn how to setup your password recovery options using the Self-Service Password Reset tool
Learn what to do if you forgot to update your password in time for the October deadline.
Learn how to install Adobe software on your home computer using the Creative Cloud desktop app.
Pricing information for standard PCs, Macs, iPads, printers and scanners.
Information on spaces across campus that are normally booked by the Registrar.
Guidelines for exporting files that are compatible with Visix Digital Signage.
How to import your content into the AxisTV portal, for Visix Digital Signage.
Some potential solutions for solving issues accessing the Visix (AxisTV) portal.
How to solve DVD audio issues from VLC, typically occurring with 5.1-surround-encoded commercial DVDs.
As you work within your Blackboard course you may find that you received achievements in the form of certificates or badges.Instructors can create opportunities for you to earn recognition for your accomplishments. These opportunities are called achievements. When you complete them, you earn a reward in the form of badges and certificates. Those badges can then be shared or printed