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Export Badges from Blackboard to Mozilla Backpack

How to export badges from Blackboard to Mozilla Backpack


  1. Sign up (create an account) with Backpack website (Mozilla)


Mozilla Backpack Welcome Screen

  1. Fill the form to create the account – Make sure you use the same email in Blackboard! (either your Fac/staff email or Student email). Also Follow the password requirement.

Create a Backpack Account

  1. After creating the account, you will get an email to verify your email address. Copy the code at the end of the email

Verify Backpack Account

  1. Go back to and at the top of the page click on where it says “You haven’t verified your email address yet, click here to do so”

Verify Backpack Account

  1. After you click the above link you will be directed to type or paste the verification code you copied from the email        

Verify Backpack Account


  1. Now go back to Blackboard click on the course where you have earned the badge. Click on the menu item created by your instructor that references your achievements\badges.  



  1. Click on the badge you want to export and click on the circle like showing below

Export Badge

  1. You will be directed to this page, click Publish Badge to Mozilla Backpack.

Publish Badge

  1. After you click Publish Badge to Mozilla Backpack, you will be directed to login page to Mozilla Backpack.  Put your school email address and password that you created for Mozilla Backpack account

Backpack Login

  1.   Now you are ready to send the badge to Mozilla Backpack, click the send button.

Send Badge

  1.   Scroll down to click Yes to accept the badge to be sent to Mozilla Backpack

Accept Badge


  1.   You will get the confirmation that it was sent to Mozilla Backpack “See Below”

Receive Badge

  1.   Now go back to Mozilla Backpack and you should see you badges at the main page

Recent Achievements


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