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Creating an Achievement in Blackboard

Click on My Courses or My Organizations, located on the Right Hand side of the Blackboard Home Screen:

My Organizations in Blackboard

Choose the Course or Organization that you want to add Badges to then Click on the Course or Organization Tools Menu, found on the left side of the page:

Organization Tools in Blackboard

Click on the Achievements menu option:

Create Achievement in Blackboard

There are three types of achievements that you can create:

  • Course Completion: The certificate reward is required. An additional badge is optional.
  • Milestone: The reward is a badge.
  • Custom: The reward is a badge, certificate, or both.

To create a Milestone (Badge):

  1. About: Fill in the Name of and Location for the badge. These fields are required.
    1. You can also choose if the students will be able to see a greyed-out version of the badge before they earn it.
    2. You can provide a description of the badge.

Create Achievement in Blackboard

  1. Define the Triggers (Criteria to Achieve Badge):
    1. Create the Rule(s) that will define the badge triggers. You must create a minimum of one rule, with one trigger for the badge to be able to be earned.
    2. Set when the badge can/must be completed.
    3. Set who, either by individual users or by course, can earn this badge.
    4. Set the criteria based on the Grade Center.
    5. AND/OR
    6. Review Specific Content.

Define Triggers

Define Triggers

Define Trigger

Define Trigger

  1. Select Reward:
    1. Reward Details
    2. Reward Options. Select the image. You can upload custom images for your badge here. You can also select whether the Badge can be downloaded from Blackboard (on-campus) to Mozilla Backpack (an off-campus repository for students to use after they graduate).

Reward Options

Reward Options

After you have created your badge, if changes need to be made you can Edit it.

Edit Achievements

To make Badges visible to your class, you must add a Tool Link to the Course Menu.

On the Menu on the left:

  1. Click the ‘+’ to add a Tool Link
  2. Give it a name, i.e. Badges
  3. Check the ‘Available to Users’ box

Add Tool Link



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