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Blackboard Known Issues

Course Menu

The course menu may appear to be "missing." You can expand or collapse the course menu by moving your mouse pointer near the border and click the select the arrow. 

If the course menu automatically auto-hides when navigating from course to course, your browser zoom level may be set to 125% or greater.
Decrease the view to 110% or less by clicking the + or - sign (will only appear if NOT at 100%) at the end of the web address bar.
You can also press CTRL and - (minus sign) on your keyboard to decrease the zoom level.

Grade Center:

Scheduled to be fixed on CU 6 (~ May 2018):

  • 0 entered into the gradebook displays as -0.
  • Students see grades to 5 decimal places, instructors see to 2 decimal places
  • Due dates are not updated on To Do module  


Qwickly Module:

  • Needs Grading

Student submissions may appear in the Blackboard course under Needs Grading but does not appear under the Qwickly Module under Needs Grading.

The Qwickly Needs Grading reporting feature has been turned off at this time. Go directly into the course to view items that Needs Grading. 

  • Post Announcement

Post announcement tool has an option to attach a file, but this will not allow you to actually attach a file.

New Box View

  • When a student submits a new assignment the preview may not render automatically (use browser refresh). NOTE: allow cookies for site must be enabled to render the preview.
  • New annotation interface needs third party cookies to be enabled. By default, third party cookies are blocked in Safari and stops Box from displaying. Change browser settings to allow cookies.
  • Replying to feedback is presented as an option to students but does not work.
  • Annotations made will not be visible within downloaded PDF files.
  • "Special" characters entered into annotations are not rendered. 
  • Student saves a draft of their assignment, modifies and re-uploads the new file, and submits. Faculty will only see the draft copy of the file.
  • Images embedded into a PDF file will not display the images in their Box preview. The images are still visible in the downloaded version of the original file. 
  • Known Issues and Features: Live tracking spreadsheet.
  • Inline Grading and New Box View Update.

Same Course Name After Importing a Course

Performing a Course Export/Import changes the new course’s name to the previous course name being imported in (Course ID does not change). The name will change to the correct course name after the next SIS run at 8:00am, 1:00pm, or 8:00pm.

Use the NEW Course Copy feature and eliminate this issue!

To Do and Needs Attention Modules - Notifications Can't be Dismissed

Notifications can't be cleared from the the To Do module. This is a known issue that Blackboard has listed for Future Reference.

Try to remove and add the module back. Then click on Customize Page (upper-right) > Submit.  In some cases, this may dismiss the notifications.


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