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Make Your Course Available in Blackboard


You can modify the Course Availabilty of individual or mutliple courses that you are teaching via the Qwickly module that is located on the Faculty Resources tab in Blackboard. On the Qwickly module, Expand the Course Availabilty setting > toggle Off/On for each desired course. The Course Availability is now updated. 

Qwickly module listing Course Availability, Post Announcement, Send Email, Needs Grading.


You can modify the Course Availability of individual courses:

  1. On the Control Panel within your individual course, expand the Customization section and select Properties.
  2. In the Set Availability section, click Yes to make the course available to users.
  3. Click Submit.

Customization, Guest and Observer Access, Properties, Quick Setup Guide, Teaching Style, Tool Availability.

Set Availability, Yes, No, Use Term Availability

Note: It is recommended that Set Course Duration be left on Continuous (default).  

More Resources: course availability.


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