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Pinned Article Make Your Course Available to Students

This procedure makes the Blackboard course available to the students.

Customizing Your Course List

In Blackboard, you can customize your view of the courses displayed in the My Courses module. Courses can be grouped by term, making it easier to located specific courses. You're able to control which courses appear in your course list, as well.

Instructor Access to Blackboard Course

Instructors are automatically granted access to their Blackboard course(s) if they are listed as the instructor of record in Banner. Due to scheduling changes, another instructor may also be listed and they will need to be made unavailable in the course.

Managing Users in Blackboard

This procedure explains how to manually enroll users into a Blackboard course.

Self-Enroll in a Blackboard Organization

Certain organizations in Blackboard allow faculty, staff, and students to self-enroll.

Blackboard Courses Archived

Blackboard courses taught between summer 2013 and spring 2015, along with any courses that were restored from ANGEL were archived and removed from the system.

Export & Import Your Blackboard Course

This procedure allows you to save or archive your Blackboard course so that you can later import it into an existing course.