Creative Services in Bulger

Service Description

Creative Services in Bulger Communication Center provides a wide range of services for the faculty, staff, and students at Buffalo State. We are available for consultation, design, and assistance with graphic projects. Whether it’s a quick question on design layout, the production of posters and printed items, or the creation of promotional materials, we are here to help.

Standard Features

The following services are offered at no charge to the campus community:

  • Consultation and design advice regarding projects
  • Design and layout of media such as posters, flyers, bookmarks, banners, brochures, and social media
  • PowerPoint templates for posters and slide presentations are available for download.
  • Designs to send to your chosen vendor for promotional items (i.e. pens, bags, t-shirts)
  • Digital file creation in the requested format (pdf, png, jpg, etc.)
  • Accessible pdf file available upon request for items created by us that are to be displayed on the internet or shared electronically
  • One-on-one training of design software (Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, and Acrobat) when time permits
  • Free training tools from are available from the New York Public Library. Click here for more information.

Optional Features

The following pay services are offered at a discount to the campus community:

  • Printing Services – laser print options up to 12x18 in size on plain or coverstock paper (i.e. flyers, bookmarks, brochures, programs)
  • Large Format Printing Services – inkjet printing on a variety of roll paper media up to 42” wide (i.e. conference posters, banners)
  • Finishing Services – lamination up to 25” wide, mounting of prints onto foam core up to 30”x40”, spiral or thermal binding, corrugated plastic outdoor signs
  • Adhesive Vinyl Lettering – indoor vinyl lettering for exhibits or display
  • Supplies – design and promotional items (i.e. banner stands, brochure holders, tablecloths, 15x20 black matte boards, poster tubes

Roles and Responsibilities

Client Responsibilities:

  • Client is responsible for providing details in one of our project request forms, including their contact information, job description, text or images for their project, and any design specs if working with an outside vendor.
  • Clients can request due dates, but rush jobs will need to be authorized by calling the office and making sure the project can be completed in the time allotted.
  • Client must also maintain communication with the design team. The project may be put on hold if requestor is unresponsive or does not complete the necessary steps. The majority of our communication is through email.
  • Client is responsible for paying for any materials used in the production of their project (printing, finishing, vinyl lettering, or supply costs). Client may pay by journal transfer, check, or credit card. Student clients must pay for project in advance.
  • Client is responsible for picking up their project from our office (Bulger 104)

Creative Services’ Design Team Responsibilities:

  • Designer will consult the project request form to determine needs, costs, deadline, etc. and will contact the client directly for any missing/confusing project information.
  • Designer will coordinate with the client to align project goals with final project and will communicate the status of the project to the client as needed.
  • Designer will provide cost estimate to client upon request
  • Designer will email a pdf file (or other file type if necessary) of the project design to the client for approval. Any requested revisions to the design will then be completed and a revised pdf file will be emailed to the client. The designer will complete the project only after client approval has been confirmed.
  • Designer will send out email invoice to the client or process journal transfer once the project has been completed unless project was paid in advance.

How to Request

Click the Project Request Form button to submit your request.

For design consultation appointment or questions, contact the Creative Services office:

Service Audience

Faculty, Staff, and Students

Service Level Agreement

There is no Service Level Agreement (SLA) associated with this service

Service Pricing

Charges can be found on the Project Request Form pages (select the orange buttons to see costs). A cost estimate will be provided upon request

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