Web Conferencing (Blackboard Collaborate)

Service Description

Support and training on Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing/collaboration tool that can be integrated within Blackboard Learn.

Please Note: Before reporting an issue with Blackboard Collaborate, please be sure to review the Troubleshooting Blackboard Collaborate Ultra article.

Standard Features

  • Integrated into each Bb Learn course as a course tool.
  • Group training
  • Testing of features
  • Collaborate with SUNY Online and SUNY ITEC for support 

Optional Features

  • Individual training and consultation
  • Individual account creation for a session outside of Blackboard Learn
  • Room Creation for one-time events outside of Blackboard Learn

Roles and Responsibilities


  • Provide & Communicate Training Opportunities
  • Staying up to date on product features and enhancements
  • Update website Resources


ITEC/SUNY Online/Blackboard Inc.

  • Provide Collaborate Application Support  and Hosting
  • Notify Service owner/team of maintenance and feature enhancements
  • Provide support for troubleshooting 

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Blackboard Collaborate Support

Buffalo State Collaborate Website


SUNY Online Support Services:

Service Audience 

Faculty and Staff.

Service Level Agreement

Response and resolution times are based on operational hours (Monday through Friday from 8:00AM to 5:00PM).

Service Level 2 - Normal  
Response Time 1 business day
Resolution Time 3 business days
Please Note: Response Time is measured from ticket submission date/time until the ticket is moved to an 'In Process' status. Resolution Time is measured from ticket submission date/time until the ticket is completed/resolved.

Institutional Policies

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