Sharing Files and Folders through OneDrive



There are a few different ways to share files and folders in OneDrive, so you have to be careful of what the drop-down menu in the sharing window says when you set it up.

By default, a link is created that allows anyone – even outside of Buffalo State - to access the document, but that link expires after 60 days maximum (you can set it to less).  You can always re-share after the link expiration if you want to.

If you are sharing with faculty or staff on campus, you also have the option to share with "People in" or “Specific people,” so that they will have access to the document as long as you keep sharing it and don’t delete it, with no expiration date. These shared files or folders can be accessed from the "Shared with me section" of their OneDrive.


To get to these settings from within OneDrive online, click on Share, then the drop-down menu to the right of “Anyone with this link . . . “, then choose your other option.


For more information, please see Share OneDrive files and folders at



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