SPSS Standalone License Authorization


This article will walk you though adding in the authorization code (sent to you by Information Technology) for your standalone copy of SPSS. You will need administrative access on the device to perform this. If you do not, please take the device to the IT Help Desk.


If you have a standalone copy of SPSS on your campus laptop, and have received a new authorization code from Information Technology, follow these steps to apply the new code.

1. Start the IBM SPSS License Authorization Wizard:


  • In the Start menu, select All Programs.
  • In your list of programs, you will see a folder called either SPSS or IBM SPSS Statistics. Open that folder.
  • In that folder, you will see a program called either SPSS License Authorization Wizard or IBM SPSS Statistics License Authorization Wizard.
  • Right-click the License Authorization Wizard icon, and select Run As Administrator.
  • Log in to a Windows user account with full Administrator access rights. (If you do not have a Windows user account with full Administrator rights, please make an appointment and take the device to the IT Help Desk in Butler Library 103)
  • The License Authorization Wizard should then launch.

Mac OS X:

  • In your Applications folder, you should see either an IBM folder or an SPSS folder. Open that folder.
  • Inside that folder should be a folder called SPSS 24 (depending on your specific version). Open that folder.
  • You should see an application called License Authorization Wizard. Double-click that program.
  • The License Authorization Wizard should then launch.

2. The wizard should display the License Status window, which shows the authorization status for all detected SPSS components. Click Next

3. On the Product Authorization window, select the button next to License my product now. Click Next

4. Enter the authorization code you received from Information Technology, then click Next

5. If successful, the installer should report Successfully processed all codes. Click Next

6. Click Finish. You have now completed the installation and license the authorization of your 
new SPSS software.



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