How can I force the PC to display on both the monitor and the projector?


Hold the Windows key and press P to bring up a display menu. Select Duplicate.


If the PC display is not appearing on both the monitor and projector (or on any connected secondary display) it is possible that the device is in Extended mode. To return the device display output to Duplicate mode, hold down the Windows Key and press P. This will bring up a display settings menu, usually with four options.

The four options are:

PC Screen Only - Only shows on the monitor

Duplicate - Shows the same picture on monitor and projector/second display

Extend - Uses the monitor and the projector/second display as two discrete displays

Second Screen Only - Only shows on the projector/second display

You will want to select Duplicate and press Enter (or click on it). This will cause your screen to blink momentarily as it sets up the displays to copy one another.

Windows 10 WinP menu



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