Brightspace FAQ Resources (Students)


A collection of troubleshooting and support information for students using the Brightspace learning management system.


Students can contact the SUNY Online Support Services Help Desk for Brightspace questions or issues by phone at 1-844-673-6786, as well as from the online help request linked here. They're available Mon-Fri from 7am to Midnight, Saturdays 10am-6pm, and Sundays 10am-9pm.

Note: If there's a specific issue with signing into Brightspace, students can contact the Buffalo State campus IT Help Desk at (716) 878-4357 or submit a Login Assistance request on the school's service portal.

The Brightspace sign-in page can be found at this hyperlink, and uses your general "Network" login credentials.

👉🏽 Student orientation videos (YouTube playlist)

Find everything from the starting basics to more detailed explanations of major Brightspace topics on the Official D2L YouTube Video Playlist.

👉🏽 Course homepage basics

The D2L Support Discussion at the link here will introduce you using the main Brightspace homepage and general interface.

👉🏽 Finding your Brightspace courses

Shortly after registering for courses in Banner, you'll be able to find those classes and their instructional materials using the info at this article from D2L Support on Navigating to Your Classes and Course Content.

👉🏽 Troubleshoot missing course content

A common question for new students is why not all of their courses are showing up in Brightspace. The community help article linked here explains what may be going on and how to troubleshoot.

👉🏽 Troubleshooting quiz issues

The instructions linked here explain what to do if you're having difficulty using or finding quizzes within your courses. Your instructor can also be an important resource if you're finding something unexpected when taking a quiz.

👉🏽 Using Ally to view alternative accessible formats for course content

The accessibility feature integrated into Brightspace is called Ally, which lets you do things like access course materials in alternate formats like audio recordings, ePubs for e-readers, and automatic screen readers. and you can learn more about using the feature here.

👉🏽 Brightspace Browser Compatibility

This help article from the SUNY Online Help Desk explains which web-browsers have been tested for compatibility with Brightspace, and how to update them if you have an old version.

👉🏽 Clearing web-browser cache/cookies to troubleshoot a login

Some common login issues can be resolved by clearing the temporary cache in the web-browser you're using, and the help article linked here gives the steps to complete that fix.



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