How to access guest Wi-Fi on campus


How to access campus Wi-Fi for guests if you don't have your own Buffalo State University Network credentials.


Buffalo State University visitors who need Internet access can follow the steps below to enroll a personal device on the Guest WiFi network.


  1. In the Wi-Fi menu on your device, choose BengalGuest from available networks. This network will only appear while you're physically on-campus and in (or near) a building.
  2. A "Welcome to Buffalo State Secure WiFi" page should open automatically a few moments later. If this page doesn't open automatically, go to in your web browser to trigger this page.
  3. Click Continue and then choose Guest Login on the next page.

  4. The "How to Authenticate Yourself to the System" page will give an explanation of how the Guest WiFi works. Click Next to continue.
  5. The next page will ask for an email address or phone number to send a single-use Verification Code. Click Send after entering your preferred contact method.

    After receiving the code at your personal phone number or email address, you can copy it into the "Verification Code" blank back on the setup page, and then click Continue.

  6. This last page will provide a download and instructions for applying a profile or installer file based on your device type (i.e., iOS, Android, Windows, or MacOS).

    Once finished, the connection should appear as BengalGuest. This access is available for three days, and you can repeat these setup steps any time you need additional access.

    Your web browser may warn you that files downloaded from the Internet can be a security risk. If prompted, choose the option to "Keep" the network setup file that you're instructed to download in Step 6.



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