Viewing and Printing your Achievement (Badges and Certificates)

As you work within your Blackboard course you may find that you received achievements in the form of certificates or badges.Instructors can create opportunities for you to earn recognition for your accomplishments. These opportunities are called achievements. When you complete them, you earn a reward in the form of badges and certificates.

When you unlock an achievement you will be immediately notified within Blackboard with a message at the top of your screen that says "You've earned a new achievement. View now"

New Achievement


You can also view your achievements by clicking on the link within the course menu directing you to your achievements. The instructor or leader of your course/organization can customize the name of that link so you may see a link in your course menu called badges, achievements, proof of completion, certificates, accomplishments etc. 



Once you are within the My Achievement area, you can view "All Achievements," "Earned Achievements," and "Unearned Achievements". 

My Achievements


From that page you can share or print your achievements. If you have Unearned Achievements, you can click "View Requirements" to identify which tasks you still need to complete to earn badges or certificates.

View Requirements

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