Calculate Final Grades in Blackboard

The grade center in Blackboard can be used to calculate final grades. Depending on your grading schema, you can use the Total Column or Weighted Column to calculate grades.

Weighted Column

A Weighted Column calculates and displays a grade for a selected number of columns based upon each column's respective worth of the total grade. Instructors often use the Weighted Column to calculate students' final grade for the course.

Set Up the Weighted Column

By default, your Blackboard course already has a Weighted Column called Weighted Total. This existing Weighted Column can be used to calculate each student's final grade for the course. Instructors need to set up this column in order for it to calculate final grades.

For example, a Weighted Column could be used to calculate grades for the following grading schema:
Quizzes (10% of final grade)
Essays (20% of the final grade)
Presentation (15% of the final grade)
Discussions (30 % of the final grade)
Reflection Papers (25% of the final grade)

  1. In the Control Panel of your Blackboard course, click on Grade Center > Full Grade Center.
  2. Locate the Weighted Total column.
  3. Click on the dropdown arrow next to Weighted Total and click Edit Column Information.
    weighted total column
  4. In the Column Name field, you're able to change the name of this column if needed. The Grade Center Name field can be left blank.
  5. Optionally, add a Description of the column.
  6. Use the Primary Display dropdown menu to select the format in which the grade will appear (Percentage, Score, Letter, Text, Complete/Incomplete. Percentage is most common for the Weighted Total column. The Text option cannot be used as a primary display for weighted grades.
  7. The Secondary Display option displays the grade format in the Grade Center - it is not visible to students.
  8. Under the Select Columns section, click on a column or category to include in the weighted grade.
  9. Use the arrow to move the selected column or category to the Selected Columns area.
  10. Enter the percentage of the overall grade for the column or category.
  11. Repeat this process until the Total Weight at the bottom of this section adds to 100%
  12. Next to Calculate as Running Total, select either Yes or No. By selecting Yes, only items that have grades or attempts will be included in the weighted grade. By selecting No, all items placed in the weighted column will be included, using a value of 0 for any columns that do not have a grade.
    calculate as running total
  13. Under Options, choose whether to:
    1. Include the column in Grade Center Calculations
    2. Show the column to students
    3. Show Statistics (average and median) for the column to students in My Grades
  14. Click Submit.


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