Ensemble Video Quiz Results in Blackboard Grade Center

The latest version of Ensemble Video allows instructors to integrate student results from Video Quizzes directly into their Blackboard Grade Center.

To create a Video Quiz, please see Video Quiz Feature in Ensemble Video.

To add a Video Quiz to your Blackboard Learn course, please see Using the Content Editor in Blackboard to Add a Video Quiz from Ensemble.

When students in your Blackboard Learn course take a Video Quiz you have created in Ensemble, the Blackboard Grade Center will automatically be populated with a new column based on the title of the Video Quiz. If you would like the column to appear in the Grade Center before being taken by students, be sure to select "Create a grade column in advance of first use?" in the Edit settings for the quiz in Blackboard. The column will show the student's grade next to their name. If they have not yet attempted the quiz, the cell will be blank. If you allow retakes, Blackboard will only show the grade from the most recent attempt, but more detail can be seen from the "Results" tab of your quiz in Ensemble Video.

Please note that by default, Video Quiz results are hidden from the student view in "My Grades." This can be changed in your Blackboard Grade Center settings.

Ensemble training is available though the Instructional Design & Training office. Request a training in our self-service portal.



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