Ensemble Video Recorder Chrome Extension

With version 5.1 on Ensemble Video, faculty and staff at Buffalo State now have access to an Ensemble Video Recorder Chrome Extension that allows simple screen or webcam recording right through the Chrome browser without needing any additional software. This is a basic alternative to make making videos with Ensemble Anthem or Camtasia.

To add the Ensemble Video Recorder extension to your browser:

  1. Open Google Chrome and sign into your Ensemble account.
  2. To the right of the address bar in Chrome, click on the three vertical dots (Customize and control Google Chrome). Customize and control Google Chrome icon (Three vertical dots)
  3. Select More Tools>Extensions.
  4. At the upper left of the Extensions page, click on the three horizontal lines (Main Menu). Three horizontal lines Google Chrome extensions Main Menu icon.
  5. Select "Open Chrome Web Store" at the bottom.
  6. Search for "Ensemble Video Recorder" then click on the "Add to Chrome" buttonEnsemble Video Recorder Chrome Extension listing with "Add to Chrome" button highlighted.
  7. Click "Add Extension" on pop-up window
  8. You can also sync to any other Chrome browser you are logged into (Optional)

To set up the Ensemble Video Recorder:

  1. Be sure to sign into your Ensemble account if you haven't already.
  2. Click on the Ensemble icon to the right of the address bar in Google Chrome to begin set up.
  3. Enter https://ensemble.itec.suny.edu/buc as the Ensemble URL in the "Configure" step and click Continue
  4. If you have a camera and/or microphone connected to your computer, be sure to enable access to both in the "Set Permissions" step and click "Allow" in the Chrome pop-up for your camera and microphone separately before clicking on "Continue."
    Ensemble Video Recorder Setup screenshot
  5. Click "Finish."

To use the Ensemble Video Recorder:

  1. Click on the Ensemble icon to the right of the address bar in Google Chrome.
  2. Choose Desktop or Webcam for your recording.
  3. Be sure the correct Microphone and Countdown time are selected.
  4. Click "Start Recording" at the bottom of the pop-up window.
  5. Click "Stop" when finished recording.
  6. Rename the recording within the "Title" area of "Recording Details" if desired and click "Upload" to add the video to your Ensemble account.
  7. Clicking "Permalink" will allow you to obtain a link to your video once it has completed processing (this make take a few minutes).
  8. The video will also appear in your Media Library the next time you sign into Ensemble.

For more information, including video guides on setup and use, please see Ensemble Video Recorder Chrome Extension.

If you would like training on Ensemble Video or any of its features, please Request a Training from IDT.

If you would like to request Ensemble service or support, please open a ticket through our Media Server (Ensemble Video) service.


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