Sharing with other Ensemble Accounts

Occasionally, you may find that you want to share your video files in Ensemble directly with a colleague or other existing Buffalo State Ensemble library.  This is now made easier than ever through the "Publish" option.

  1. On the Publish page for the video you'd like to share, scroll down to Share. Here, you can search for a user, library, or email address to share to.
  2. Click the check box next to the appropriate user, library, or email address.
  3. You may choose to share your video with a library and/or directly publish to a playlist in a different library (if direct publishing is enabled).
  4. To finish sharing, click Publish. The video will now be shared to the chosen Shared Library or Directly Published to the chosen Playlist.

For more information, please see Ensemble Support's Sharing (5.0+) article. For training on Ensemble, you can also Request a Training from IDT,



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