Blackboard Assignments

Creating Assignments

  1. Access the Content Area where you want the assignment to appear in your Blackboard course.
    content area in course
  2. Click on Assessments.
    assessments button
  3. Select Assignment.
  4. Fill out the assignment information.
    1. You are able to add assignment instructions and attach files.
    2. Instructors will need to enter Points Possible for the assignment.
      points possible
  5. Click Submit. A column for this assignment will automatically appear in the Grade Center.


Locating Student Assignment Submissions

After students submit their assignments, instructors can locate the submissions in the Blackboard Grade Center. 

  1. In your course, click on Grade Center.
  2. Click Full Grade Center.
  3. Locate the column in the grade center for the assignment.
  4. You will see a Needs Grading icon for students who have submitted the assignment.
    needs grading
  5. Click on the drop down arrow next to the Needs Grading icon and click on the Attempt.
  6. You will see the student's submission, where you can enter a grade or download the submission.

Additional Resources

Create and Edit Assignments


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