Faculty - What are Badges?

What are badges and why would you use them?

Badges are a type of micro-credential used to mark competency-based achievements, learning objectives, in-class milestones, add engagement and an act as a reward and motivation system. It is a part of a larger teaching methodology called Gamification. Students can use them on their resumes as a part of their skill set credentialing.







Badges are available to use within Blackboard and there are other off-campus sites like Credly, Open Stack Badges, and Mozilla Backpack.




Creating badges. Before you begin to create your badges and their graphics, you’ll want to take the time to map out your design. Badges shouldn’t replace existing, academic credentials (i.e. certificates and minors) but to add on to a course or program. Use them to gain knowledge, level up knowledge for a course, develop soft or professional skills, etc. What is the criteria for each badge? How will you assess the successful completion of the criteria?

Badge Alignment Grid



Creating Badges in Blackboard. 

  1. Creative Media Services: Graphics can assist you in creating the badge graphics.
  2. Creating an Achievement in Blackboard Knowledge Base article




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